10 Darkest Tales From The Crypt Episodes

M. Night Shyamalan and TNT’s Tales From the Crypt reboot is on the horizon! But before you horror-heads jump into this fresh take on an old boogeyman, we at TalkHorror.com invite you to take a look back at the original HBO adaptation’s most unforgivingly dark episodes. From toxic relationships to poisonous plots, only time will tell if the new “Tales” will have the same courage to dip into the truly grimy side of horror!

The cheat-sheet:

10: Four-Sided Triangle
9: The Sacrifice
8: Three’s a Crowd
7: Easel Kill Ya’
6: Forever Ambergris
5: The Kidnapper
4: Abra Cadaver
3: Yellow
2: Split Second
1: The Bribe

Fun fact:

Of these tales, only Abra Cadaver and Forever Ambergris actually come from the Tales From the Crypt comic magazine! Seven out of ten of the selected episodes originate from EC Comics’ Shock Suspenstories, while Easel Kill Ya’ is from Vault of Horror