10 Scariest Twilight Zone Episodes

With Get Out mastermind Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone reboot fast approaching on the horizon, and the New Year and SyFy’s annual TZ marathon soon upon us, we at TalkHorror think everyone is double-due for a countdown of the very best classic series episodes for horror fans – the ones that even 50 years later, can still manage to send a chill down our spines. For those of you too scared (or too bored – no judgments) to peek – here’s a cheat sheet:

10. The Howling Man
9. And When The Sky Was Opened
8. The After Hours
7. Perchance to Dream
6. The Midnight Sun
5. The Dummy
4. The Jungle
3. Twenty-Two
2. Living Doll
1. It’s a Good Life

And five honorable mentions, mostly pushed off the list for time:

The Obsolete Man offers some truly nightmarish scenes of dystopia in its intro and outro, but between the two, the majority of the episode is actually more inspiring than horrific

The New Exhibit is one of the most blatantly horror episodes of the Zone, and offers scarier mannequins than those seen in The After Hours. But Martin Balsam’s portrayal of a man going mad seems a little too flippant to convey the horror that well

Nightmare as a Child establishes a superb framework for suspense, it just doesn’t quite have enough time to really build on it before the reveal has to be made

Nightmare at 30,000 Feet is a classic, and I know what they say about questioning the logic of a Twilight Zone episode… but certain decisions made throughout the episode were too hard to swallow to fully suspend disbelief

Come Wander With Me features one of the few lyrical pieces written for the Twilight Zone, and it is a haunting one. But the main protagonist is such a dumb little cad it makes him nearly impossible to sympathize with, which kills the mood

Outro theme credit to Remix Maniacs’ “The Twilight Zone”!