10 Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween 2 (1981)

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#1: How Dick Warlock Became Michael Myers

While at the office one day, Dick Warlock strolled by a room and noticed there was a Michael Myers mask sitting on a desk. He picked up the mask, put it on and then walked straight to Director Rick Rosenthal’s office. Rosenthal became anxious, asking who he was. Warlock didn’t respond and simply stood there, staring emotionlessly at the Director. Eventually, the tension broke when he took off the mask and enthusiastically asked Rosenthal if he could be MIchael Myers in the new flick. Slick move, Dick!

#2: John Carpenter Didn’t Want A Sequel

We all know that Hollywood loves pushing out unnecessary sequels, especially if the former film was a box office smash. This is especially true when it comes to independent films, as it makes the margin of profit look that much more impressive. Unfortunately, creators of the original, John Carpenter and Debra Hill didn’t believe a sequel was necessary, but nevertheless, that wasn’t going to stop the studio from an immediate follow-up.

#3: Carpenter Did Direct Some Scenes

The original Halloween is a showcase in suspense-horror. While the original has certainly lit a fire under the slasher genres ass and inspired numerous films; those films decided to trade-in suspense for a high body count, which was certainly a successful formula that Hollywood was happy to capitalize on. Rick Rosenthal decided he wanted to stay true to the original and avoid those elements.

However, as time went by, Carpenter noticed this new trend in Hollywood and that fans were coming to expect blood in mass quantities and frivolous nudity. He feared that Rosenthal’s version of the film might be a bit too tame with its lack of bloodshed and hot chicks getting disrobed. So, to the annoyance of Rosenthal, Carpenter shot some extra scenes to spice the movie up a little bit and appease the gore-hungry fans.

#4: The Original Setting Wasn’t A Hospital

Some may argue that Haddonfield Memorial Hospital is horribly understaffed and the loneliest damn hospital in the world, you can’t deny that it was an effective setting for the film to take place and offered up a great feeling of claustrophobia. However, having the film take place in a hospital wasn’t the first choice. Originally, it was meant to take place in a high rise apartment building.

#5: It’s The Same Mask From The Original

Halloween II employs the same mask that was used in the original movie. Unfortunately, the mask looks somewhat different due to all of the abuse it sustained over time. For instance, while shooting the original film, Nick Castle wasn’t exactly gentle with it, as he often kept the mask in his back pocket. When filming wrapped on the original movie, Debra Hill took it home with her and stored it under her bed. However, since Hill is a smoker, the mask’s paint not only faded, but begun to turn yellow.

#6: Jamie Lee Curtis Wore A Wig

In the early 80’s, Jamie Lee decided that it was time to shed those luscious locks in favor of something a little more sleek. Therefore, she got her hair cut much shorter, but in the original film she has long hair. Therefore, she had to wear a wig since Halloween II picks up immediately after the original film.

#7: There Was An Unused Death Scene

Originally, there was a scene of the blonde reporter being killed by Michael Myers. Apparently, she’d be traveling down the road when she gets a flat tire. She would get out to check it. Confirming that it’s a flat, she then goes to open the trunk and Michael Myers springs out; killing her. He would then steal her car and drive off. The scene was cut because it really adds nothing to the plot of the film.

#8: Skinny Dip!

Leo Rossi and Pamela Susan-Shoop weren’t exactly fond of the whole hot tub idea. Director Rick Rosenthal pulled Rossi aside and talked with him. He not only tried to talk Rossi into the scene, but asked if he could help comfort his co-star in the scene, which he was able to do. However, it definitely didn’t help that the water in the hot tub wasn’t hot at all and was actually freezing cold.

#9: Crash & Burn

Poor Laurie is just never going to find true love. Remember how Laurie had a crush on Ben Tramer in the original movie? Well, if you were paying attention, you’d notice that he’s the poor guy who was mistaken for Michael Myers and ended up being ran over by a police car in the sequel.

#10: Annie Returns

Remember Laurie’s friend Annie from the original? Well, she returns in this movie. No, we’re not talking about her return from the dead like a zombie. The voice you hear coming through the phone in the beginning of the movie is that of Nancy Loomis, the actress who played Annie in the original.


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