10 Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers

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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers comes packed with a subtitle that made it obvious Michael Myers was coming back to the franchise. This is exactly what the studio was aiming for after the major backlash they received from horror fans for the previous film in the series, which notoriously focuses on modern day witchcraft, rather than Michael Myers. Either way, The Shape returns in the fourth installment and we’re going to take a look at 10 things you may have not known about the movie.

#1: Leatherface VS Michael Myers?

The franchise was on hiatus after Halloween III: Season of The Witch and no one knew which direction Halloween 4 would even go. However, in 1986, Cannon Films, who had released The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 that same year had an idea to bring the series back to life. They got in contact with John Carpenter and approached him about doing a crossover with Leatherface and Michael Myers. Yes, before Freddy VS Jason, there could have been Michael VS Leather.

Carpenter wasn’t interested.

#2: Halloween 4: The Return Of John Carpenter?

Speaking of John Carpenter, a lot of people believe that he wasn’t involved at all with Halloween 4, but that’s not entirely true. Carpenter just didn’t want more of the same old stuff with Michael Myers slashing around town, so he contacted writer Dennis Etchison, whom had written the novelizations of Halloween II & III and they began ironing out the details of what should be in Halloween 4.

#3: A Witch In The Cast?

During the casting process, Danielle Harris stood out among some of the competition for the role of Jamie Lloyd, but she wasn’t the only standout actress, either. Melissa Joan Hart from Sabrina The Teenage Witch fame was considered for the role, as well. However, Danielle’s acting chops and the range of emotions she was able to display was enough for her to lock down the position.

#4: The Original Opening

The original opening of the film was going to show us exactly how Dr. Loomis survived the explosion at the hospital.

#5: They Used The Wrong Mask!

Par the course for the Halloween franchise, production simply couldn’t recreate the look of the original Michael Myers mask. Production ordered multiple masks for filming, but they didn’t think to check the masks until they were on-set. You can imagine how surprised they were when they opened the package of masks to find six Michael Myers masks that had pink skin with white hair.

#6: 11 Days In Hell

Writer, Alan McElroy was more than happy to pen a script for Halloween 4. However, he was going to have to do it under dire circumstances. With a Writer’s Guild of America strike on the horizon, McElroy only had 11 days to finish his script, which he was able to do. He was pretty lucky, too, because the strike that took place is the longest in WGA history — lasting 155 days.

#7: Michael Myers VS Freddy Krueger

Ellie Cornell also tried out for a role in another famous horror franchise, as she auditioned for the role of Alice in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, but lost out to Lisa Wilcox. This isn’t a huge surprise, considering over 600 people auditioned for that role.

However, what’s crazy is that it’s been said that Wilcox also auditioned for the role of Rachel in Halloween 4, but lost out to Cornell. Both films were released in 1988.

#8: The On-Set Drama

We’ve mentioned that there were problems with the look of Michael Myers’ mask, but having white hair and pink skin wasn’t the only issue for producers, anyway. While on-set, Producers stepped in, arguing that they wanted the eye holes of the mask to be bigger.

#9: The Unused School Scene

When Jamie and Dr. Loomis are in the school, there was going to be a scene where Jamie is hiding under a teacher’s desk and Michael Myers begins moving student desks out of the way as he approaches the teacher’s desk, searching for her. Due to time constraints, this scene was never shot. However, the idea lived on throughout the years and was actually used a decade later in Halloween H20.

#10: The Roof Is On Fire

Speaking of scenes that didn’t make it into the movie, the original rooftop chase scene was going to be a bit more hectic. Originally, Sheriff Meaker and Myers would battle it out in the basement of the house, which would lead to them accidentally catching the house on fire. Meaker would also die in the battle, rather than blasting away at Myers with a shotgun near the end of the film.


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