80’s Commercials Vol. 444

These commercials aired on WNEW in 1984

1. “Inspector Gadget” Commercial Bumper (I probably haven’t seen a complete episode of this in over 20 years, but I totally remember these bumpers)
2. Oreo (With Jaleel White)
3. Federal Express Air Cargo Playset
4. Masters of the Universe Fisto and Clawful Action Figures
5. WNEW Bumper
6. “Inspector Gadget” Commercial Bumper
7. “Inspector Gadget” End Credits (One of my favorite cartoon theme songs. And seriously, who can read any of that tiny-ass writing?)
8. WNEW Bumper
9. Promo for “Fame”
10. “Woody & Bugs” Commercial Bumper
11. Transformers (Incredible. I believe this might be the very first Transformers ad)
12. Cabbage Patch Kids Poseable Figures (The boy is Joey Lawrence. “Woah!”)
13. Cabbage Patch Kids Hide-And-Seek Game
14. Mickey Mouse Talking Phone
15. “Woody & Bugs” Commercial Bumpers
16. Pac-Man Cereal (I’ll echo my sentiments from the commercial I posted in Vol. 389: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxt7uUHGUvw&t=5m17s. The animation and character design in this is awesome and way better than the crappy Pac-Man Hanna-Barbera cartoon)
17. Masters of the Universe Dragon Walker (Very cool)
18. PTO
20. “Woody & Bugs” Commercial Bumpers
21. Froot Loops
22. Mystery Mansion
23. Rainbow Brite Shrinky Dinks Play Set
24. Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain (AMAZING. The creepy head/puppet thing on the right reminds me a bit of the Skeksis from “The Dark Crystal”)
25. “Woody & Bugs” Commercial Bumper
26. WNEW Bumper
27. Promo for “Star Search”
28. “The Adventures of Fat Albert” Commercial Bumper
29. Chips Ahoy
30. Robotix
31. Baby Skates (With Jenny Lewis)
32. Gremlins Cereal (WOW. Be sure not to eat it after midnight)
33. “The Adventures of Fat Albert” Commercial Bumpers
34. Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull (Snake Mountain honestly looks like a lot more fun and the commercial for that is way better)
35. Pom Poms
36. McDonald’s
37. Rice Krispies (With Free Kooky Doodles)
38. “The Adventures of Fat Albert” Commercial Bumper

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