80’s Commercials Vol. 535

These commercials aired on KCOP in the Summer of 1987

1. “Heathcliff” Commercial Bumper
2. Starcom
3. Lucky Charms
4. Ertl
5. SilverHawks (Hmm, I guess this is where “Space Jam” got the word “Monstar” from)
6. “Heathcliff” Commercial Bumper
7. Promo for “Tom and Jerry”
8. S’mores Crunch (I don’t remember this cereal at all, must have not lasted long)
9. Fruit Wrinkles
10. Battle Beasts (WOOD BEATS WATERRR)
11. “Heathcliff” Commercial Bumper
12. Froot Loops
13. Masters Of The Universe Movie Action Figures (Awesome, I’ve always wanted a Billy Barty action figure)
14. Transformers Monsterbots
15. Wisecracking ALF
16. “Heathcliff” Commercial Bumper
17. KCOP Station ID
18. Promo for “Tom & Jerry”, “Scooby Doo”, “The Smurfs”, “The Jetsons” and “She Ra: Princess Of Power”
19. “Heathcliff” Commercial Bumper (Commercials starting here are from 7/16/87, the quality here is worse but you’ll live)
20. Super Naturals (Awesome, I should track some of these down)
21. Ice Cream Cones Cereal (They seem to have advertised this cereal a TON that spring/summer and never after that. I guess it didn’t sell?)
22. Cocoa Puffs (With Popeye!)
23. Chuck E. Cheese’s
24. “Heathcliff” Commercial Bumper
25. KCOP Sports Star of the Week
26. Frosted Flakes (With Jerry O’Connell)
27. TV Spot for “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” (And now it’s 80 years old…sigh)
28. “Heathcliff” Commercial Bumper
29. Kool Aid (With Wild Puffalump offer)
30. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
31. MASK Meteor, Razorback and Manta
32. “Heathcliff” Commercial Bumper
33. “Heathcliff” End Credits


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