80’s Commercials Vol. 602

These commercials aired on KTXH in the winter of 1987

1. “Jem” Commercial Bumpers
2. Get In Shape, Girl!
3. My Little Pony Twice As Fancy
4. Alf (With Candace Cameron)
5. Circus Fun Cereal
6. “Jem” Commercial Bumpers
7. Golden Grahams
8. Federated (I think the girl here might be the crazy girl from the “Smooshees” ad I’ve posted several times! https://i.imgur.com/wbs6w8C.png)
9. Astromania
10. Keypers
11. National Education Center
12. “Jem” Commercial Bumper
13. My Little Pony So Soft and Twinkle Eyed Ponies
14. Subaru
15. “Jem” Commercial Bumpers
16. Moon Dreamers
17. Federated
18. Crispy Wheats ‘n Raisins
19. Cheerios (Fred Savage at the end)
20. Sylvanian Families
21. “Jem” Commercial Bumpers
22. Promo for “Square Pegs”, “Fame” and “Little House On The Prairie”
23. Showbiz Pizza
24. Gallery Furniture (Again, yikes)
25. “Be A Superstar” (Were kids just constantly touching downed power lines back then? And are these kids really short or is Jem 7 feet tall?)
26. “Jem” End Credits
27. Promo for “The 1987 Easter Seal Telethon”
28. “Now Showing” Intro (Partial. It’s going to haunt me a bit not knowing what sci-fi classic they were playing that day)


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