80’s Commercials Vol. 604

These commercials aired on CBS and NBC on June 16th, 1984

1. “We’ll Return After These Messages” Commercial Bumper
2. Kellogg’s Raisin Bran
3. Slush Puppie
4. “We’ll Return After These Messages” Commercial Bumpers
5. Masters Of The Universe Trap Jaw, He Man and Battle Cat (String not included)
6. Levi’s
7. “We’ll Return After These Messages” Commercial Bumpers
8. Parker Brothers Rose Petal Place Books (The little girl reading the book is Sarah Michelle Gellar)
9. Get Along Gang (Partial. The channel changes over to NBC here)
10. “Mister T” Intro (3:43 Mr. T’s strength and cunning is only outmatched by his irrational hatred of alligators)
11. “Mister T” Commercial Bumper
12. Donkey Kong Jr. Cereal (With Free Baseball Cards)
13. Keebler Swirly-Q’s
14. “Mister T” Commercial Bumper
15. “Mister T” Live Action Segments (I would love to watch all of these segments with Mr. T from this series complied into one long video)
16. “Mister T” Commercial Bumper
17. Cabbage Patch Kids Poseable Figures (The boy here is Joey Lawrence)
18. Fruit Chewy Newtons
19. “Mister T” End Credits
20. Cracker Jack Cereal
21. Promo for “Little House On The Prairie”


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