90’s Commercials Vol. 160

These commercials aired on ABC in the Fall of 1990

1. “After These Messages” Commercial Bumper (Hmm, I don’t remember these bumpers though I’m sure I must have seen them back then)
2. Kellogg’s (Wow, totally remember this one)
3. Quints
4. Levi’s (With the voice of John Cleese!)
5. Partnership for a Drug-Free America PSA (This is your brain on drugs, would you like a side of bacon with that?)
6. “After These Messages” Commercial Bumper
7. Burger King (With Simpsons Dolls! I have a photo of me with Bart, Homer and Marge but I think I had all of them…and I do distinctly remember eating those mini-muffins to get them)
8. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (I wonder what the last known sighting of the other two bakers was…before Wendell savagely murdered them in cold blood)
9. Posse Philosophy
10. Baby Uh-Oh! (With Kirsten Dunst)
11. Chef Boyardee Sharks
12. Promo for “The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show” and “Little Rosie”
13. “New Kids On The Block” Commercial Bumper
14. “After These Messages” Commercial Bumper
15. Hi-C
16. WWF Wrestling Buddies (The redheaded kid is Danny Tamberelli from “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”)
17. Honey Comb (With Andre The Giant)
18. My Pretty Ballerina
19. Cap’n OG Readmore PSA
20. “After These Messages” Commercial Bumper
21. Tyson Looney Tunes Meals (I remember eating these a few times, but once I had Kid Cuisine there was no looking back)
22. “After These Messages” Commercial Bumper
23. McDonald’s
24. Micro Machines Micro Lights (I had the motorhome)
25. Cabbage Patch Kids
26. Anti Drug PSA (I wonder how long they played this thing?)
27. “Beetlejuice” End Credits
28. ABC Station ID
29. Power Wheels Barbie Corvette
30. KOMO News Promo
31. Hershey’s
32. My Little Pony Baby Drink ‘n Wet
33. “After These Messages” Commercial Bumper
34. Cool Cuts Kara
35. Hawaiian Punch
36. Posse Philosophy
37. Baby Sparkles
38. Rice Krispies
39. Promo for “World Of Discovery, Cougar: Ghost Of The Rockies”
40. “New Kids On The Block” Commercial Bumper
41. “After These Messages” Commercial Bumper
42. Real Cookin’ Tastybake Oven
43. “After These Messages” Commercial Bumper
44. McDonald’s
45. Baby Alive
46. Posse Philosophy
47. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
48. Hush Little Baby (With Thora Birch. That doll is just creepy looking)
49. “New Kids On The Block” Commercial Bumper
50. “After These Messages” Commercial Bumper
51. My Pretty Ballerina
52. 7up (With an ad for the Spot NES game!)

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