90’s Commercials Vol. 165

These commercials aired on FOX on September 18th, 1993

1. Cinnaburst
2. Promo for “King Arthur and the Knights of Justice”
3. Nerf (With Devon Sawa)
4. Corn Flakes
5. Promo for “X-Men” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K956y2om92I)
6. “We’ll Be Right Back” Commercial Bumpers
7. Promo for “Tom & Jerry Kids”, “Tiny Toon Adventures”, “Animaniacs” and “Batman: The Animated Series”
8. Promo for “Inspector Gadget”, “Stunt Dawgs”, “G.I. Joe” and “DuckTales”
9. Bubbilicious (I used to get that Mondo thing as a kid, which was basically just a candy bar sized piece of bubble gum)
10. TV Spot for “Into The West” (Can’t we hear from just ONE kid who hated it?)
11. “We’ll Be Right Back” Commercial Bumper
12. Super Mario All-Stars (Could this be one of the first games that was “remastered”? I remember renting this but didn’t own it until I bought a used copy in the late 90’s. These days if I’m playing the original Mario games I always prefer the original 8-bit graphics)
13. Alpha Bits (With free Alpha Bits license plates)
14. Polly Pocket Starlight Castle (Why doesn’t real life Polly Pocket look anything like the toy?)
15. Promo for “Animaniacs” (I think I started watching this around ’94 and it soon became my favorite show. It was a trip watching it recently on Netflix for the first time in over 15 years)
16. “Taz-Mania” End Credits
17. Promo for “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” (I was in fourth grade when it premiered…slightly too old to be caught up in the hysteria but I do remember watching a few episodes and enjoying the monster fights. It didn’t take very long for it to become big)
18. “We’ll Be Right Back” Commercial Bumpers
19. Fruit Roll-Ups (I was completely addicted to the strawberry ones as a kid, and I remember these pointless secret pictures. I preferred the shapes you could peel out, also pointless)
20. Promo for “Hurricanes”
21. “X-Men” Commercial Bumpers
22. McDonald’s
23. Cap’n Crunch Starter Sweepstakes
24. Promo for “X-Men” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRwkcV1VL7k)
25. “X-Men” Commercial Bumpers
26. Promo for “Tiny Toon Adventures”
27. Classic Movie & Comic Center (Awesome. It’s neat to see the inside of a mid-90’s era comic book store again. This is around the time I was really into collecting the ’92/’93 Marvel Masterpiece card series)
28. Lucky Charms
29. Promo for “Double Dragon”
30. “X-Men” Commercial Bumpers
31. Milk (With Tiffani-Amber Thiessen)
32. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Get down with ZELDA)
33. Fox New York Toy Spree
34. Promo for “X-Men” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9y4SWc5w78)
35. Totally For Kids: “Sensitivity” (What an asshole)
36. Wear a Helmet PSA (Ugh terrible puppet, voice and looks like it was filmed with a VHS camcorder)
37. Promo for “Mighty Max”
38. Promo for “Tom & Jerry Kids”
39. “X-Men” Commercial Bumpers
40. Chuck E. Cheese’s
41. Dentyne
42. Stay In School PSA
43. Promo for “Stunt Dawgs” (It always amazes me how many obscure cartoons there were back then…I’ve never heard of this show)
44. “X-Men” Commercial Bumpers
45. Baby Needs Me
46. “X-Men” End Credits (I love the spinning, shiny, low-poly character models)
47. Promo for “Tiny Toon Adventures”

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