90’s Commercials Vol. 167

These commercials aired on Nick in the Fall of 1992

1. Station ID
2. Promo for “Nick Arcade” (I absolutely loved this show as a kid. Watching it as an adult…the kids on the show were generally terrible at everything)
3. Froot Loops (Whoa, a cool rapping rhino with sunglasses…he’s hip with the kids!)
4. Promo for “Rugrats”
5. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
6. Nick Takes Over Your School Sweepstakes
7. Monkey Loves (LOL)
8. Lil Miss Magic Jewels
9. Chocolate Milk
10. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
11. Coming Up…
12. Promo for “Roundhouse”
13. Starla (Her voice sounds like it’s disembodied, or coming deep from another dimension…terrifying)
14. Cocoa Krispies
15. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
16. Promo for “Rocky And Bullwinkle” Moose-A-Rama on Megatoon Monday
17. LA Lights
18. Nerf Turbo Screamer Football
19. Apple Jacks (We just do!)
20. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
21. Promo for “Guts”
22. Double Dip Crunch
23. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
24. Baby Rollerblade (The jerky arm movements look like she’s having a seizure. I’m pretty sure this was an updated/retooled version of Mattel’s “Baby Skates” doll: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_y4orhZorY&t=10m42s)
25. Kool-Aid Bursts
26. Golden Grahams (With Musicland/Sam Goody Coupon. My local mall had both of these stores)
27. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
28. Great New Stuff Station ID
29. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
30. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
31. Promo for “Muppet Babies” Moose-A-Rama on Megatoon Monday
32. Crossfire (One of the more iconic early 90’s ads with one of the best jingles…it’s an honor to finally post it)
33. Little Caesar’s
34. Amazin’ Fruit
35. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
36. Nick Or Treat (For an example of what this was like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnkwtrYLBS8&t=3m23s)
37. Creative Imagineers

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