90’s Commercials Vol. 169

These commercials aired on Nick in the Fall of 1992

1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (With free Fruit Roll Up)
2. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
3. Promo for “Mega Nicktoon Monday: Ren & Stimpy”
4. Pizza Hut
5. Game Genie for Sega Genesis
6. Game Genie for NES
7. Honey Comb (Their 90s ads are amazing, like neon colored fever dreams)
8. Hot Wheels Streex
9. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
10. Promo for “Clarissa Explains It All”
11. Frosted Flakes
12. Micro Machines Super Van City
13. Motocykes (LOL)
14. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
15. Promo for “Nicktoons” (Totally remembered this annoying song)
16. Nick Or Treat
17. Batman Returns Custom Coupe and Action Figures (I’m pretty sure changing into your Batman costume while driving is illegal, Master Bruce)
18. Mall Madness (Partial)
19. Play Doh Fix Me Up Doc (Wow, so it’s a straight up rip off of Operation? I hope they had their day in court)
20. Station ID
21. Double Dip Crunch (With free board games)
22. Super Slam Bas-ket (I remember I had something like this, but I eventually lost all of the tiny basketballs)
23. Promo for “Yogi Bear”
24. Cinnamon Mini Buns (Forgot about these, I think I had them once)
25. WWF Action Figures (I work with someone who looks exactly like that “Big Boss Man” action figure)
26. Fantastic Flowers Made By Me
27. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
28. Promo for “Snick”
29. Kit Kat (Classic jingle)
30. Nutty Putty
31. “The Underdog Show” Commercial Bumper
32. Promo for “Rugrats”
33. Mario Paint (Probably one of my most played video games as a kid, I got it for Christmas that year with my Super Nintendo)
34. Promo for “Yogi Bear”
35. Lil Miss Magic Jewels
36. Promo for “Snick: Are You Afraid of the Dark”
37. Color Writer
38. Super Toy Run
39. McDonald’s
40. Yahoo Buckaroo
41. Station ID
42. G.I. Joe Fort America
43. Cabbage Patch Splash ‘N Tan Kids
44. Promo for “The Sixth Annual Kids Choice Awards”
45. Key To The Kingdom (Check out Cinemassacre’s Board James video about this game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlfAQ33YE1A)
46. Shark Attack Bowling
47. Orange A Peel (With David Rhoden and Rick Galloway from “Welcome Freshmen”)
48. Trix
49. Magic Tea Party

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