90’s Commercials Vol. 179

These commercials aired on Nick in August of 1995

1. “Muppet Babies” Commercial Bumper
2. Promo for “Legends of the Hidden Temple”
3. TV Spot for “The Baby-Sitters Club”
4. Kay Bee Toys (I’m still really bummed they’re no longer with us)
5. Taco Bell Kids Meal (With “The Tick” toys)
6. McDonald’s McWorld Nickelodeon Sweepstakes
7. “Muppet Babies” Commercial Bumper
8. TCI Choice Theaters (This was the same cable provider we had in my town back then)
9. Batman Forever Stunt Show at Six Flags Great Adventure
10. “The Pebble and the Penguin” on VHS
11. Honey Comb (With coupon for free Looney Tunes figures)
12. Station ID (Classic)
13. Up Next… Bumper
14. The Big Help: Big Helpers in Action
15. TV Spot for “The Amazing Panda Adventure” and “Carrotblanca” (“Carrotblanca” is a neat tribute to “Casablanca” and can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2lCFCf4ZC0)
16. Froot Loops (Is the yellow submarine/British octopus with Liverpool accent supposed to be a Beatles reference?)
17. Promo for “Looney Tunes”
18. “Muppet Babies” End Credits/Commercial Bumper
19. Promo for “Extra Long Summer Schedule”
20. TV Spot for “The Baby-Sitters Club” (Good job with the music selection for these trailers. Larisa Oleynik really made me swoon back then)
21. Rice Krispies Treats
22. Ribbon Dancer (OMG my jaw dropped when I saw this for the first time in over 20 years)
23. Promo for “Looney Tunes”
24. “Muppet Babies” Commercial Bumper/End Credits
25. Promo for “Nick In The Afternoon”
26. TV Spot for “Magic in the Water” (Seriously WTF at the atomic bomb explosion)
27. Fruity Pebbles
28. Comix Zone for Sega Genesis (This seems like an extremely “90’s” video game. The game itself doesn’t look bad but I’m not sure what any of the stuff in this commercial really has to do with comic books)
29. “The Swan Princess” on VHS (Seems like the peak era of Disney knock-offs)
30. Station ID
31. Up Next… Bumper
32. “Muppet Babies” Commercial Bumper
33. “Nick In The Afternoon”/Stick Stickly Bumper
34. Soccer Pal (The anthem to loneliness)
35. Nickelodeon Toy Factory at Toys R Us
36. Apple Jacks
37. “Muppet Babies” Commercial Bumper/End Credits
38. “Go Bye Bye!”

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