90’s Commercials Vol. 213

These commercials aired on WUAB in October of 1990

1. “Video Power” Commercial Bumper
2. Ninja Gaiden Tiger Handheld Game (The ad breaks on a few of these recordings were skipped…except for a bunch of these ads for Tiger games so sorry if the first half is a little repetitive)
3. Craftmatic Adjustable Beds
4. Woodsy Team PSA
5. Mega Man 2 Tiger Handheld Game
6. Paperboy Tiger Handheld Game
7. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (Partial)
8. Promo for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”
9. G.I. JOE General (Partial)
10. Kings Of The Beach Tiger Handheld Game
11. Ninja Gaiden Tiger Handheld Game
12. Promo for “The Flinstones”, “Gummi Bears”, “TaleSpin”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Tiny Toon Adventures”
13. National Wildlife Federation PSA (With Kermit The Frog and Fozzie)
14. “Video Power” Commercial Bumpers
14. Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf Tiger Handheld Game (It’s weird how they even had crummy Tiger handheld versions of licensed GOLF games. Also, I assume you beat up some fools with a nine iron at some point in this game)
15. Sonic Flashers
16. Channel 43 Kidsland Arby’s Bookmark PSA (Wow, a free Babar bookmark!)
17. Oopsie Daisy
18. Rub-A-Dub Dolly
19. Rice Krispies (8:23 MAKE IT GO AWAY)
20. Promo for “Charles In Charge” (I watched this later on in syndication for one reason…Nicole Eggert)
21. Promo for “Growing Pains”
22. Cookie Crisp (With a TMNT Toy Contest!!! Probably the most “1990” thing in this video)
23. WWF Wrestling Buddies (With Danny Tamberelli aka Little Pete from “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”)
24. Hawaiian Punch
25. “Video Power” Commercial Bumpers
26. Motormouth (John Moschitta Jr had his own board game?)
27. Promo for “Charles In Charge” and “Growing Pains”
28. Welch’s Jelly (We definitely had a small glass jar with Tom & Jerry on it, I’m pretty sure it was from this promotion)
29. “Video Power” Commercial Bumpers
30. Sega Genesis (Does what Nintendon’t. This was about a year before the SNES came out)
31. “Peter Pan” on VHS (I remember this was a big deal as a kid, as it was a movie I’d only seen bits and pieces of on TV)
32. My Pretty Ballerina
33. Promo for “Tiny Toon Adventures”
34. Bongo Kongo (Not to be confused with the Sega Video Game “Congo Bongo”)
35. Power Wheels Jeep (I know this is just a commercial, but the sight of these little kids out on their own searching for their lost dog in the rain while driving a power wheels…concerns me)
36. Woodsy Team PSA
37. Shriner’s Hospital PSA (With Tweety!)
38. Hot Hints 900 Number (If you were actually going to resort to calling one of these back then, you could at least call the official Nintendo Power Line! I guess this was the line for those early Sega adopters)
39. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
40. Paperboy for NES (A 15 second version of the ad from the previous volume, with a plug for Toys R Us at the end)
41. “Video Power” Commercial Bumpers
42. Sega Genesis (Don’t you want to be cool like the Saved By The Bell reject in this commercial? Also, is it just me or is he wearing a wig?)
43. Quints
44. Ready! Set! Spaghetti! (Everyone has to do bad Italian accents while playing this, those are the rules!)
45. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (Advertising Gunther Gebel-Williams night. He was their animal trainer from 1968-1990 and died in 2001)
46. Tale Spin Contest