Arnold (1973) [Full Movie]

*I do not own any rights; I simply uploaded this classic due to its rare existence.*

This rare 1973 Dark Comedy/Mystery/Thriller/Horror classic never fully reached the ability to become a “Cult Classic.” The release in theaters was limited, the release on VHS was limited, and even the ability to acquire it through the internet is rare.

IMDb description: “Upon his death, Arnold marries his lover, Karen, in spite of his widow, and leaves deathtraps accompanied by audiotapes and his preserved and articulate corpse for those who cared only for his money.”

Directed by: Georg Fenady
Written by: Jameson Brewer and John Fenton Murray
Starring: Stella Stevens, Roddy McDowall, Elsa Lanchester, Shani Wallis, Farley Granger, and Norman Stuart