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The Atari ST, STE and even Atari TT may have been decent machines, but the Atari Falcon was a new breed. Destined to be a new line of Atari computers. Unfortunately, fate would not be kind to the Falcon, and although revered among fans, most people are blissfully unaware the Atari Falcon even existed.

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Nikon D3200 with 40mm Macro
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Dwindling ST figures – ST Format issue041
ST Book – STF031
MultiTos/TTAdvert – STF035
Developers thoughts – STF037
Falcon on TV – STF043
ST vs Amiga1200 – STF042
STFM Price Drop – STF046
Falcon Special – STF053
Jag Launch – STF054
Multimedia Future – STF041
Falcon Support over – STF059
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Jaguar Computer/Super TT – ST User 70
Adios Amiga – ST User 70
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Dusseldorf 1992 -
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