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The Atari Jaguar. The world’s first 64 bit games console. Do the Math. This is how the Atari Jaguar was sold, and I for one, loved it. Launched initially in 1993 in North America, and then the rest of the world in 1994, the Jaguar was a machine which seemed to skip an entire generation of games consoles. Whilst everyone else was playing around with their 16 bits or even 32 bits, Atari smashed it out of the park with 64. Many claimed that it wasn’t a true 64 bit console, but with a 64 bit data bus, it really does slot into the common definition of 64 bit, it’s just a shame that bits aren’t the only gauge of a machine’s abilities, and not long after, the Playstation and Saturn would wash away Atari’s final hopes and dreams. Still, it’s a drastically under-rated console, which could have performed so much more than developers had the time or inclination for. Thankfully a few games, such as Alien vs. Predator and Tempest 2000 show us it’s true abilities and are as much fun to play today as ever. Join me on this quest through time charting the story of Atari and their doomed 64 bit console, including the Jaguar’s little brother, the Atari Panther and the range of consoles that came before and paved the way. Also if you’re looking for Jaguar games, then you won’t be disappointed.

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Lumix G6 with Vario 14-42mm Lens
Nikon D3200 with 40mm Macro
Corel Video Studio Ultimate X9
Corel Paint Shop Pro X6
Blue Snowball Microphone

With thanks to and Curt Vendel for allowing me to use some prototype photographs.

Some images from Wikimedia/Wikipedia

Sinclair Loki image prototypes from Rick Dickinson, the amazingly brilliant Sinclair designer.

Music/Game (in order);
The Imp’s Song
The Demons from Adrian’s Pen
Atari Karts
Super Burnout
Digital Terror (Tempest 2000)
Fight for Life
World Tour Racing
Alien vs. Predator
Nobody told me about ID (Jag Doom)
Iron Solider
Wonderland Theme (Bubsy)
I-War (track 1)
Highlander Woodlands
Super Burnout
Tempest 2000

The E3 1995 Video was recorded by Atari Explorer Online, charting their voyage around the cutting edge Atari hardware. A full version can be found at digitised and uploaded by QLvsJAGUAR. Head over and sub at

Research links; – Interview with Sam Tramiel – Another World – Panther Information – More Panther Discussion – Atari Transputer – Jaguar Console – Jaguar Doom – Jag Specs – Jag Game List – History – John Carmack Doom Quote – Jaguar Reasons – Falcon vs Jag Hardware – Konix Multisystem – Flare Technology – History notes
Alien Scanner –
Club Drive Funny –
Jaguar Modem Image – -Edge Magazine

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