Best of Rifftrax ‘Cool as Ice’

Narrated by I.P. Freely. There was a point in 5th grade where I actually kinda dressed like this, well not nearly as ridiculous as some of the outfit choices you’ll see in this, but there actually was a short period of time (very short) when obnoxious clothing was acceptable to just about everyone, not the moms though, they hated those Hammer pants. I even had a black and white shirt with the word ‘NOT!” in humongous letters (people saying ‘Not!’ didn’t last long either), and of course the giant pajama style parachute pants, quite comfy though, and since I’ve never been a blue jeans guy I wore em with the rest of my friends in the 5th grade for those one to two months when it was cool. And yes, most people really did think Vanilla Ice was cool for a short time (not me, I had old Michael Jackson cassettes), but Vanilla did make an appearance in the most popular movie at the time ‘TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze’, but people also thought MC Hammer and Kris Kross were cool as well, but at least it wasn’t long before legendary 90’s rock bands stepped in and said “enough of this”.

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