Bravestarr 10 Episode Compilation

On the distant, dry and desolate planet of New Texas the discovery of Kerium, a rare and powerful magical crystal, brings an infinite number of colonists from all corners of the galaxy. Some are good, some are bad but none are more dangerous than Tex Hex the leader of the Carrion Bunch. The mayor of New Texas partitions the earth council to control his outlaws. HE needed an army of lawmen, a thousand, to rid the planet of criminals and bandits – they sent only ONE – but he was enough. His name was Marshal Bravestarr.

With his mystical powers, Bravestarr can call on the power of animals to help him win his battles. He can use the strength of a bear to move a bolder, the speed of a puma to catch the criminals, the eyes of a hawk to see into the distant or a wolfs acute hearing to listen to plots unfolding.