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Bravestarr | English Full Episode | HD | Cartoon For Children
BraveStarr accepts to train young hotheaded Carson. In his arrogance, the kid causes an incident that almost leads to a war.
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Native American Marshal BraveStarr comes to the rough-and-tumble planet New Texas as its new lawman with a goal of bringing order to the land. His powers include the strength of a bear, speed of a puma, eyesight of a hawk and the hearing of a wolf. With those at his disposal, it’s hard for bad guys to get away unscathed. In case he needs it, though, he has help from talking technohorse Thirty Thirty and pretty Judge J.B. McBride. Settlers and miners know the marshal works to protect them and keep villains from stealing valuable kerium.


⭐ Meet The Heroes ⭐

Marshal BraveStarr (Pat Fraley): The title character; a Native American who can call upon the power of “spirit animals”, enabling him briefly to perform superhuman feats. The spirit animal powers are:
Eyes of the Hawk: Enhances his vision and can also grant him an aerial view of the adjacent area.
Ears of the Wolf: Gives him super-human hearing.
Strength of the Bear: Gives him super-human strength.
Speed of the Puma: Gives him super-human speed.
The ‘Strength of the Bear’ grants BraveStarr strength sufficient to destroy stone or support steel bridges, whereas the Speed of the Puma allows him speeds akin to comic-book characters Quicksilver and the Flash. In addition to his animal powers, he has electronic equipment such as a computerized visor and a two-way radio. BraveStarr also carries a “Neutra-laser” pistol and a “Trans-freezer” rifle, and the badge on his shirt can shield him at need. Although called “Protector of Peace” and “Champion of Justice”, he usually acts in the former role, preferring to serve as a mediator in any conflict. He often seeks peaceful resolution to every problem, unless confronted by the series’ periodic villains.

Judge J. B. McBride (Susan Blu): Fort Kerium’s principal (and perhaps only) judge and lawyer; BraveStarr’s ally, consultant, and occasional paramour. In battle, she uses an electronic gavel (called a “hammer of justice” in the series) given to her by the Prairie People.
Thirty/Thirty (Ed Gilbert): BraveStarr’s cyborg stallion and chief deputy, capable of assuming a bipedal form at will. His principal weapon is the “Sarah Jane”: a large blunderbuss from which he projects directed energy. He is more belligerent than BraveStarr, and will often prefer fights to resolutions. His appearance later inspired an alternate design for the character of Sylvia in the Wander Over Yonder episode “The Cartoon.”
Angus McBride (Ed Gilbert): The father of Judge J. B. McBride; himself a former Kerium prospector who now operates Fort Kerium’s newspaper.
Billy-Bob (Ed Gilbert): A human Kerium prospector.
Commander Karen Kane (Susan Blu): A former Star Marine who retired after marrying Angus McBride. She is the stepmother of J. B. Like Angus, she has a Scottish accent.
Deputy Fuzz (Charlie Adler): A member of the Prairie People. BraveStarr affectionately calls him “li’l partner”. Fuzz is typically a figure of comic relief, but also plays more-serious roles at need. The first of the Prairie People to befriend humans.
Diamondback (Alan Oppenheimer): A snake-like humanoid Kerium prospector, who owns the Kerium deposit underneath Starr Peak along with his human colleague Billy-Bob.
Doc Clayton (Lou Scheimer): The town’s doctor; frequently an ally of BraveStarr’s.
Handlebar (Alan Oppenheimer): A hulking, green-skinned bartender and former space pirate from the Rigel star system, with a bright orange handlebar mustache and a Brooklyn accent. He mostly serves BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty a drink called “sweetwater”. Other times he acts as a reserve law enforcement officer. He has a pet cyborg steer named Rampage.
Long Arm John: A law enforcement officer with a sophisticated prosthetic arm.
Molly (Susan Blu): Courier aboard a “Strato-Stage”: a mechanized stagecoach traveling above ground. Occasionally Molly has a security guard to blast away enemies. Molly is also capable of piloting space vehicles.
Shaman (Ed Gilbert): An otherwise-unnamed mystic, capable of teleportation, time travel, psychokinesis, and near-omniscient clairvoyance; BraveStarr’s mentor and foster-father.