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Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 81)
Castlevania (Part 3)

It’s time to Dracula to hit the 16-bit era. And it first struck like a thunder in no other than the SNES itself. In this Episode, the Nerd will play not only the Snes, and also Nintendo 64 games.

Super Castlevania(1991) was the first Konami attempt at giving the the games a new focus .There is a lot more of variety on the levels, traps and enemies. The player has now more control over the character, and the atmosphere is more scary than ever.You play again as Simon Belmont in his crusade inside the castle of dracula to put end to all evil. The game looks and sound amazing, and it truly pushed the console to it’s limits.

The Next game is Castlevania Dracula X (1995).

For many, it was a step backward in the series, Instead of keeping the gloomy atmosphere and music from Super castlevania it went back to the basics of the originals giving the series more like a comic feel (until the recent reboot). Here you don’t control your whiping or your jumps like in the previous game, and the game is relentlessly difficult too.
Dracula X Was actually a port of a much complete game that was only released in Japan for the TurboGrafx-16 CD-ROM, Called Devil’s Castle Dracula: Rondo of Blood . IT had Branching Paths and secret routes apart from CD music. There is a recent remake of Rondo for the PSP.

Following them there are the N64 games wich both suffered the early 3d era trauma that consisted in akward controls, terrible camera handling and a graphical feat that made us miss the 2d era. In this Case the AVGN will pick Castlevania -1998- To see it it managed to hold up so well in time like the previous games.

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