Calamity of Snakes Trailer

[youtube] Thousands of real snakes everywhere, slithering down hotel hallways and attacking women in wheelchairs! Buy @ www.TheGrindHouse.Net source

Tales From The Gimli Hospital

[youtube] trailer for the 1988 guy maddin film source

Pulse trailer

[youtube] In every second of every day, it improves our lives. And in a flash, it can end them. Pulse, the ultimate shocker. source

Hellgate Trailer (1989)

[youtube] Beyond the darkness terror lives forever. Directed by William A. Levey and written by Michael O'Rourke, this late 80s fright flick falls somewhere between Hellraiser in Pet Cemetary... not so much in terms of...

ALF 10-10-220 Commercial with Hulk Hogan

[youtube] ALF's 1st 10-10-220 commercial with wrestler Hulk Hogan. source

ALF 10-10-220 Commercial with Emmitt Smith

[youtube] ALF's 1st 10-10-220 commercial with NFL running back Emmitt Smith. source

The Intruder Within (1981)-Original Trailer

[youtube] In this chilling made for tv ¨ALIEN¨ rip-off, the crew of an oil rig near antartica, drilling into the deepest waters in search of new sources of oil,they accdentally unearth a pocket of...

House (1986) Trailer

[youtube] Trailer for the 1986 film "House". Roger Cobb is a author who has just separated from his wife. He moves into a new house and tries to work on a novel based on his...

living dead girl trailer.mp4

[youtube] living dead girl trailer source

‘Super 8’ Trailer

[youtube] For more info on 'Super 8' visit: source

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