Pet Sematary Trailer (1989)

Pet Sematary Trailer (1989)

Purana Mandir – Trailer

[youtube] Indian trailer for the movie Purana Mandir (The Old Temple, 1984) - movie available on DVD from Mondo Macabro source

SUPERBOY Season 2 Version 1 Opening

[youtube] First version of the Season TWO opening sequence for the SUPERBOY Television Series. (c) 1989 - 90 Viacom Television, An Alexander & Ilya Salkind Production Starring: Gerard Christopher, Stacy Haiduk, and Ilan Mitchell-Smith source

It’s Alive 3 – Theatrical Trailer

It’s Alive 3 – Theatrical Trailer.

The Soultangler – Trailer

The Soultangler - Trailer

Yoshi’s Cookie commercial for NES and GameBoy.

[youtube] Yoshi's Cookie commercial for NES and GameBoy. source

Scanners (1981) – trailer

Scanners (1981) - trailer

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