The Hunger (1983) Trailer

[youtube] The Egyptian vampire lady Miriam subsists upon the blood of her lovers. In return the guys or girls don't age... Directed by Tony Scott. Starring: Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, Susan Sarandon. source

TRAILER- “Hobgoblins” (1988)

[youtube] The original theatrical trailer for "Hobgoblins". HOBGOBLINS: The 20th Anniversary Edition and HOBGOBLINS 2 are now available on DVD from Shout Factory! Purchase your copy today on AMAZON.COM (or visit the link below)... or...

Rats (1982) – Trailer

[youtube] Original title is 'Deadly Eyes'. Also known as 'Night Eyes'. Trailer for a Canadian film. Director: Robert Clouse Starred: Sam Groom, Scatman Crothers DVD: Bootlegs. No official release. source

Angel Heart (1986) TRAILER

[youtube] source

Deadtime Stories (1986) – Trailer

[youtube] Trailer for a 1986 US film. Director: Jeffrey Delmen Starred: Scott Valentine, Nicole Picard Alternative titles: * Dead Time Stories * The Griebels * Freaky Fairytales DVD: Released in the US and Europe. source

Vamp (1986) – Trailer

[youtube] Trailer for a US film. Director: Richard Wenk Starred: Chris Makepeace, Sandy Baron DVD: Widely released. source

Far From Home (1989)

[youtube] Original trailer. Drew Barrymore plays a teenage girl who attracts the attention of two boys in a rundown desert town, one of whom is a killer. Also stars Matt Frewer, Richard...

The Slayer (1982) – Trailer

[youtube] Trailer for a US horror film. Director: J.S. Cardone Starred: Sarah Kendall, Frederick Flynn Alternative title: * Nightmare Island DVD: Released in the UK. source

Police academy 1 funny scenes

[youtube] Here's the funny scenes from the number 1 of the series police academy. Read full description with more info. Later i will upload the other 6 movies funny - scenes. Director: Hugh Wilson Actors: Steve Guttenberg... Carey Mahoney Kim...

Nintendo Power – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 33

[youtube] Subscribe: Watch all Angry Video Game Nerd episodes The Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 33) Nintendo Power Before the Internet, there was only one source for Nintendo gaming news and pro tips- the pages of...

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