Pin (1988) Trailer

[youtube] Pin "A Plastic Nightmare" Leon and Ursula Linden are normal kids except for the presence of "Pin" - a strange anatominical dummy that their strict father uses to teach them about life and sex. But...

Mr. Vampire Trailer

[youtube] Starring Chin Siu Ho and Lam Ching Ying source

THE HEARSE trailer 1980

[youtube] trailer for the hearse or he arse.staring trish van devere source

DINNER WITH A VAMPIRE (1988) – Trailer

[youtube] A camera crew unearths a vampire who eventually becomes a famous horror director now that he's back in 'circulation'. He chooses four young actors, who have auditioned for a part in his new...

CRIMEWAVE (1985) trailer

CRIMEWAVE (1985) trailer

NIGHTMARE BEACH (1988) – Trailer

[youtube] Diablo is a biker gang leader executed for the murder of a young woman. A year after his death, it's time for Spring Break. Football players Skip and Ronnie head to the beach,...

KILLER CROCODILE (1989) – Trailer

[youtube] Larry Ludman's (Fabrizio De Angelis) outrageous "Jaws" ripoff KILLER CROCODILE! A group of environmentalists discover drums of radioactive waste have been dumped along a Santo Domingo river. This causes a giant crocodile to emerge...

Stage Fright (1987) Trailer

[youtube] Directed by Michele Soavi source

PAGANINI HORROR (1989) – Trailer

[youtube] A female rock group rents a haunted Venetian mansion in which the infamous Italian violinist Nicolo Paganini supposedly sold his soul to the Devil for fame and fortune. The group plans on making...

Camp Motion Pictures – KILLING SPREE Trailer

[youtube] On DVD November 6, 2007 - Camp Motion Pictures RETRO-80s COLLECTION KILLING SPREE (1987) Tim Ritter is infamous for his outrageous, low-budget horror films including Creep, Wicked Games and Truth or Dare. His 1987...

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