Manglor Toy Commercial

[youtube] Ideal created one of the most bizarre action figure lines of the 1980's. This off the wall toyline consisted of three figures; Manglord: "The Leader of a man-like race of tribal warriors", Manglosaurus:...


[youtube] Was this scored by Mark Mothersbaugh? It sounds like DEVO. Source: Crappy VHS! source

Beetlejuice Kenner action figure commercial

Dismal, forgettable toys loosely based on the movie. Kenner redeemed themselves by releasing a line of nicely sculpted albeit gimmicky Aliens figures a few years later.


Ever notice how so many water toys in the 80's were made by Wham-O?

Robotix Toy Commercial

Kinda cool but just way too complicated for kids. Look at all the parts inside the box.

1984 – The Animal Truck Toy Ad

[youtube] source

1980’s Hardee’s Restaurant Commercial “California Raisins Toys”

Hardee's is a fast food restaurant chain, located mostly in the Southern and Midwestern regions of the United States. It has evolved through several corporate ownerships since its establishment in 1960.

The Real Ghostbusters Toy Commercial from 1987

An old commercial from the Fall of 1987, captured from a VHS

80’s Inhumanoids Toy Commercial 1

[youtube] Toy commercial for the Inhumanoids figure Granok(Though it features several others). These toys were pretty cool and rather big. As a kid they seemed gigantic. The show itself was pretty decent but only went 13...


This awesome 80s commercial for Boglins is everything!!!

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