Get Off My Land – Episode 5

Marty (Stephen Hensley) and Cameraman's (Tom Riser) situation does not improve.

Get Off My Land – Episode 4

Marty and Cameraman find themselves in a precarious situation.

Get Off My Land – Episode 3

Marty (Stephen Hensley) and Cameraman (Tom Riser) interview an eyewitness who claims to have seen the Mercer County Monster, but wind up encountering something a lot more terrifying. Featuring Crystal Gregg, Raine Gregg, Kevin Morris, and Shawn Graham.

Get Off My Land – Episode 2

Marty Jenkins (Stephen Hensley) and Cameraman (Tom Riser) stop for a bite to eat, but Marty's on a liquid lunch and his sexual appetites rub the locals the wrong way. Featuring Kevin Morris and Shawn Graham as Rednecks 1 and 2 and introducing Galadriel Dawn Lucas as "Waitress."

Get Off My Land – Episode 1

Marty Jenkins (Stephen Hensley) films the latest episode of his paranormal investigation series, but clashes with an increasingly agitated Cameraman (Tom Riser).

Crawling Dead Behind the Scenes

Documentary/behind the scenes on The Crawling Dead webseries that started out as the sequel to Zombie Babies.

Scarefest 2012 Contest Entry

Scarefest 2012 Contest Entry - Filmed and Edited by Scott Gregg. Featuring Jonathan Tiersten, Felissa Rose, Kane Hodder, Bill Mosley, Danielle Harris, Ernie Hudson, Zach Galligan, Lin Shay, Joel Robinson, and more (all footage is from Scarefest 2011)

Sleepaway Camp Forever

Sleepaway Camp Forever starring Jonathan Tiersten, Felissa Rose, Justin Rhine, Doug Conner, Brian Dorton, and Kane Hodder at Scarefest 2011.

Sleepaway Camp “Scarefest 2011”

Sleepaway Camp "Scarefest 2011"

THE DRILLER – short slasher film

Very short slasher film starring Arthur Hicks, Scott Gregg, and Zack Whetzel as THE DRILLER!

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