Chronologically Confused about Sequel Titles – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 15


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The Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 15)
Chronologically Confused about Movie and Video Game Sequel Titles

Have you ever asked yourself why Super Mario Bros 2 is so different from the rest games of the Mario Series? What the fuck happened to Final Fantasy IV, V and VI? For this episode, the AVGN tries to explain the inconsistencies in videogame and movie titles. From Street Fighter and Megaman to Rambo and Rocky. With a bit of humor and sarcasm, the nerd explains some of these bulls**t inconsistencies.

Episode notes by Mike:
-For episode 15 “Chronologically Confused About Bad Movie and Video Game Sequel Titles” the Nerd talks about the confusing naming for many famous franchises such as Final Fantasy, Rambo, Street Fighter and others.
– This is the first episode to use the name “Angry Video Game Nerd”.

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