“CITY IN PANIC” a.k.a. “13” excerpt – Writer/Prod SCHNEIDER

1986 Writer / Producer: (TIWAZ) ANDREAS SCHNEIDER as Andreas Blackwell; Director/Producer: ROBERT BOUVIER; Writer / Executive Producer: PETER WILSON; Star: DAVID ADAMSON, LEEANN NESTEGARD, ED CHESTER, PETER ROBERTS; Plot: Slasher Horror parodizing scenes of Hitchcock’s “Psycho” and Fritz Lang’s “M”. “Almost a period-piece, this, from back when AIDS – which plays a pivotal role in the plot – was a boogeyman, … It is surprisingly thought-provoking about the role of the media in such cases: how do you inform the public, without causing panic or being crassly exploitative for ratings purposes? Just don’t be fooled. It’s a casual aside, compared to the killings which are the film’s main purpose; … ” Quote from: http://www.trashcity.org/BLITZ/BLIT1697.HTM