Die Hard – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

Action is certainly lacking, as the Nerd reviews another bad game that won’t easily die – Die Hard for the NES. This is Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 28.

What happens when one of the most successful action movies of the 80’s gets turned into a video game? You guessed it, it gets fucked up beyond belief. The Nerd takes his video game turn as John McClane, famously portrayed by Bruce Willis in the film Die Hard (1988). Only the John McClane in the game isn’t the tough guy on the silver screen. He appears to have this strange limp as well as a Foot Power bar. How many games have you played that have a health bar for your feet?

So through the different levels of the building, bad guys are coming at you left and right, and they’re all incredibly lethal, as are the windows in the building and on the outside. And the graphics are so putrid, it pretty much comes down to trial and error as to what you can walk over or run into. You’re essentially racing against the clock to get throughout the levels of the building. But around every corner, there are guys hidden in the darkness, so be prepared to get shot, a lot.

You can ride the elevator up and down through the different floors, killing bad guys and collecting items. You can get roof access and find a rope, but don’t try to use it, because John McClane simply won’t oblige. So after more running around, The Nerd gets fed up and goes on a killing spree. Stiff controls and bullets from every which way lead The Nerd to his ultimate boiling point, Yippie-Ki-Yay, M*ther***ker!

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