Die Monster Die (1965) (The Monster of Terror) FULL MOVIE

Lovecraft’s village of Arkham is transposed to the countryside of 1960’s England for this version of his short story The Colour Out of Space. An American (Nick Adams) visits the home of English fiancé (Suzan Farmer) where he finds that her wheelchair-using scientist father (Boris Karloff) has discovered a strange meteorite whose radiation has mutated plants to grotesque giants.

Karloff’s wife is played by Freda Jackson, famous for her stage role as the cruel landlady Mrs. Voray in the play No Room at the Inn in the mid-1940s — a role she reprised for the film adaptation in 1948.

Another well-known face is that of Patrick Magee, probably best known as Malcolm McDowell’s victim, then later his torturer in A Clockwork Orange; and also for Tales From the Crypt, Asylum, Krapp’s Last Tape, etc.

Die Monster Die! (aka The Monster of Terror) is strictly a rainy-day timewaster, but once it gets past the slow start is entertaining enough for all that.

The railway station seen at the beginning was probably axed as part of Dr Beeching’s cutbacks the following year.

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The script was by Jerry Sohl who wrote some Outer Limits episodes;, the Director Daniel Haller.

Thanks to bonpourvous for helpful correction to details: http://www.youtube.com/user/bonpourvous