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It’s Ape-ril at Cinemassacre Video. “All Ape Movies, All April Long!!” James and Justin sit down (in different stores) to review Dunston Checks In. Which is a 1996 family comedy where Robert Grant (Jason Alexander) is the concierge of the elegant Majestic Hotel. With inspectors due for a surprise visit, the Majestic’s owner, Mrs. Dubrow (Faye Dunaway), puts extra pressure on Robert to keep the establishment running flawlessly. Robert, hoping to be rewarded with some time off of work to relax with his sons (Eric Lloyd, Graham Sack), vows to put the utmost care into his duties — a task that’s complicated by one guest’s unruly, light-fingered orangutan, Dunston.

It’s “Ape-ril” all April at Cinemassacre Video!!!
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