Exclusive Sega Game Gear Games

We take a look at some Game Gear games that never were released on any other platform physically. Some of these are very much worth playing, others not so much.

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Episode Notes:

1. All games shown are captured on the Mega SG with the lone exception of Arena. I had some old emulator footage I used for it.

2. One of the interesting things about the Master System and Game Gear was that Sega sometimes would make completely different games for the two platforms under the same IP.

3. Shinobi 1 and 2 on the GG are incredible games. Make sure you play them both.

4. Ninja Gaiden says reprogrammed game on the title screen like it is a version from another platform. It’s not.

5. I actually own Taz-Mania for the GG. The Mega SG does a great reproducing its awful sound.

6. There are of course more exclusive GG games out there. if this video proves popular, I’ll do a part 2.