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Summer of 2018, I finally bought a PS4, as well as a copy of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II. However, I didn’t pay for a PS Plus subscription, so I only played Battlefront II’s campaign and arcade modes for the first few months I had it. I actually really enjoyed the campaign, by the way. So when I bought an online subscription in October, I wanted to record my initial reaction of myself playing Battlefront II online for the first time. Since the game was so shrouded in controversy after its release, I wanted to see what all the hullabaloo was about.

Honestly I really liked the gameplay. I think by the time I was playing it, EA had released so many updates and patches, that it wasn’t nearly as bad as people were complaining about when it was first released. Anyway, this is just a fun video of me playing through some of the different online game modes and making a few jokes. A breakdown of gameplay is below. Hope you guys enjoy it.

——-Time Codes and Gameplay Breakdown——
00:30 Unlocking Loot Boxes
01:09 Galactic Assault on Crait
02:23 Galactic Assault on Takodana
04:01 Strike on Takodana
06:14 Strike on Kashyyyk
09:00 Strike on Naboo
09:10 Menu Overlay Glitch
10:55 Extraction on Kessel
13:13 Extraction at Jabba’s Palace
13:47 “The Mandalorian” Discussion
14:23 Ewok Hunt on Endor
16:52 Starfighter Assault on Fondor

——-Audio Credits——
Check out DisneyMusicVEVO for John Williams Original Star Wars Musical Score:
Star Wars: Battlefront II OST composed by Gordy Haab:
Star Wars: Duel of The Fates [FINAL BOSS 8-BIT REMIX] by Ghost Voltage:
“Tie Fighter Attack” from Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back [Sculptured Software, LucasArts, JVC, THQ, Nintendo] Composed by Paul Webb:

——-Video Credits——
Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope [1977]
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Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi [2017]
The Fast and the Furious [2001]
Team Fortress 2 Payload Gameplay (No Commentary) HD – Anakin7869:

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