Freddy Kreuger’s Disturbing Backstory Finally Explained

After decades of Freddy Krueger movies, it’s easy to forget where this killer came from and why he became so iconic. So we’re taking a deep dive into the man behind the third-degree burns. From his monstrous conception to his showdown with Jason, here’s Freddy Krueger’s backstory explained.

Things were never going to be easy for Frederick Charles Krueger. As chronicled in A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, his mother, Amanda Krueger, was better known by her chosen name, Sister Mary Helena.

As a nun, she worked at the Hathaway House, an asylum for the criminally deranged. A few days before Christmas 1941, Amanda found herself the victim of a mix-up. She was locked inside the building when the guards went home for the long weekend, leaving the high-security hospital unattended. By the time she was found, she’d suffered a series of horrendous attacks at the hands of the inmates and was pregnant with:

Nine months later, a bouncing baby Freddy was born. Never one to catch a break, he was adopted by an abusive alcoholic named Mr. Underwood. What followed was, predictably, sort of a huge nightmare.

Understandably, Freddy was a troubled child. His adopted dad was drunk all the time and seemed to take a great deal of joy in beating his young ward with a belt. At school, Freddy was taunted mercilessly for his heritage.

He started to exhibit the telltale signs of a fictional serial killer, killing the class hamster and getting a kick out of cutting himself with a straight razor.

Sadly, young Frederick never experienced a personal metamorphosis, and on one particularly unfortunate day, unable to stomach the constant tirade of abuse from his adoptive dad, Freddy jammed his razor blade deep into the eye socket of his father figure. It could be argued that this was where any hopes of a happy life died, and the Springwood Slasher was born. Keep watching the video to see Freddy Kreuger’s disturbing backstory finally explained!

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Troubled childhood | 1:09
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Powers and abilities | 4:01
Freddy’s weaknesses | 4:36
Becoming a nightmare | 5:23
Freddy’s Revenge | 6:21
Freddy vs. the Dream Warriors | 7:08
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The Entity | 9:09
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