Fright Night Part 2 Official Trailer 1988

Welcome to Fright Night Part II. Peter Vincent, “The Great Vampire Killer,” and Charley Brewster are back in the long-awaited sequel to the box office smash hit Fright Night. And so are the bloodthirsty creatures of the night. Charley has just met Regine Dandridge, an exotic, heart-stopping beauty with a deadly taste for things warm and red. He can’t stop thinking about her…dreaming about her. Not even Charley’s girlfriend, Alex, nor Peter Vincent can keep him from being mesmerized by her fatally seductive powers. As the irresistible Regine drains the blood from his veins, Charley is suddenly jolted by the spine-chilling reality that there’s only one thing more terrifying than fighting vampires – becoming one. This time the suckers want more than blood. They want revenge!

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