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One night after mowing my lawn, I decided to unwind by drinking a few beers. Before I knew it I was a little buzzed and had a hankering to make a video game video. So, in my drunken mindset, I thought it would be funny to play some PlayStation 2 sports games I had laying around. The joke, or so I thought, was that I don’t know hardly anything about sports, and it would be funny for me to fumble around with the controls on video.

In this video I play MLB 2004, Smash Court Tennis: Pro Tournament 2, and NHL 2K3. None of which I was particularly good at. It was fun at the time, and rewatching my drunken antics while editing was pretty enjoyable. Hope you guys like it as well.

——-Time Codes of Video Games———
00:31 MLB 2004
06:46 Smash Court Tennis: Pro Tournament 2
14:17 NHL 2K3

——-Audio Credits——
Take Me Out to the Ball Game 8-bit:
Hockey Arena Organ Music:
Canadian National Anthem (8-bit remix):

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