House of Evil

House of Evil, alternately titled Dance of Death, is a 1968 horror film directed by Jack Hill. It stars Boris Karloff and Julissa.[1]
House of Evil is one of four low-budget Mexican horror films Karloff made in a package deal with Mexican producer Luis Vergara. The others are The Snake People, The Incredible Invasion, and The Fear Chamber. Karloff’s scenes for all four films were directed by Jack Hill in Los Angeles in the spring of 1968. The films were then completed in Mexico.[2]
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Plot synopsis[edit]

Morhenge Mansion, 1900: The dying Matthias Morteval invites his dysfunctional relatives to his home for a will reading. However, he dies and soon the relatives are being murdered one-by-one by his living toys…

Boris Karloff as Matthias Morteval
Julissa as Lucy Durant
Andrés García as Beasley
José Ángel Espinosa ‘Ferrusquilla’ as Dr. Emery Horvath
Beatriz Baz as Cordelia Rash
Quintín Bulnes as Ivar Morteval
Manuel Alvarado as Morgenstein Morteval
Arturo Fernández as Fodor

^ Stephen Jacobs, Boris Karloff: More Than a Monster, Tomohawk Press 2011 p 503-504