If You Like Super Metroid, You’ll Like These Games – SNESdrunk

Big thanks to Brian for the idea of this video, and thanks to Nate in ABQ as always for help with the footage. Yes Nate, you kicked my ass in Killer Instinct. But nobody reads the descriptions anyway, so take that.

[1:05] Demon’s Crest
[1:59] Phantom 2040
[2:42] Magical Pop’n (SFC)
[3:20] ROMhacks (Super Zero Mission, Redesign, Rotation, Hyper, AM2R)
[4:27] Ecco the Dolphin (Genesis)
[5:21] Zillion (SMS)
[6:03] The Scheme (PC-88)
[6:52] Axiom Verge
[7:42] Hollow Knight
[8:37] Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

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