Maneater of Hydra 1967 aka Bloodsuckers & Island of the Doomed VHS RARE

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Believed to be in the Public Domain, in fact it’s not difficult to find this film in a butchered version on one of the Elvira DVDs (usually with random parts missing for ‘comic’ interruptions). The version here is obviously a VHS transfer. And to add insult to injury, the original widescreen has been cropped so characters occasionally disappear off the edge of the screen. However, this is probably the best you’ll find of this little shocker from 1967. There appears to have been no official DVD release.

I first saw this in a double-bill with Slaughter of the Vampires (see poster: ) at the local Cameo, where I sneaked in under-age. It was titled Bloodsuckers, when I saw it.

Cameron Mitchell appeared in four films the same year that he starred in this one… and also took on a regular role in TV’s The High Chaparral.