Menace S01E07 Killing Time (FINAL Ep)

Only 2 surviving episodes(includes this one) and I’ve uploaded both of them, they are listed in my TV/Movies/ & Other Playlist.
S01 E07: Killing Time
TX : 10th November 1970, 9:20pm to 10:35pm on BBC2
script : Hugh Whitemore
Director : Anthea Browne-Wilkinson
Producer : Jordan Lawrence

Cast : George Cole (Douglas Willett), Annette Crosbie (Jean Crowe), Margery Withers (Nora Brazier), Patrick Durkin (Ted Brazier), Paul Dawkins (Stan Brazier), David Wood (Mr Martin), Frederick Treves (The First Man In The Pub), Gabriel Woolf (The Second Man In The Pub), Veronica Ridge (Ted’s Girlfriend), Barrie Cookson (Inspector Fielding), Derek Chater (The CID Man) and Myles Hoyle (The Reporter)

Synopsis : Douglas Willett, insular and apathetic, spends his time sitting alone in his lodging room. As the clock ticks he is tormented by visions of violence…

This is one of only two surviving episodes from the first season of this anthology series. None from the second season survive.
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