Ninja Gaiden [Xbox] – PunkMunkying Around

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Last summer, my friend, Jawsh, and I recorded gameplay footage for Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox. Writer’s block got the best of me, recently, and I decided to put off my current project to edit this together.

Ninja Gaiden is legendary for its difficulty, and has conquered many gamers. Jawsh and I are no exception. I figured Jawsh would be fairly good at Ninja Gaiden since he’s pretty skilled at Dark Souls, but as you can see, that’s clearly not the case. I fair a little better than Jawsh, but not by much. With our combined efforts, we only manage to reach level 2. I guess we aren’t very good ninjas…

The audio isn’t the greatest this time around, and I sound extra nasally for whatever reason. My apologies.

Despite its difficulty, Ninja Gaiden is still pretty fun. At the very best, I hope you guys enjoy our off-color humor and immaturity. Thanks for watching and be sure to stay tuned for my next video!

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