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The Holy Grail? Who needs that when you have an NWC Cart?
In 1990 Nintendo sponsored a video game tournament called The Nintendo World Championships the tournament was based on the movie The Wizard and was part of a huge festival called Powerfest which toured twenty-nine cities across the US.
The Nintendo World Championship Cartridge was made up of three NES Games these games were Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris and used a point scoring system to determine the winner.
The tournament finalists each got to keep their own copy of the game which was a Gray cart with a white label however there exists a Gold version which were given away as prizes in The Nintendo Power Magazine only 26 of these games were ever made.
Now the Nerd must tackle what has come to be known as the Holy Grail of NES collecting has he found a real NWC Cart or will it remain forever out of his reach. This is AVGN episode 104.

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