Panico (1970) complete; vintage Mexican horror (English subtitles) — Latin films, with pics and clips.
Pánico is a typical Mexican horror directed by Julián Soler in 1970 (IMDb is wrong about the year). It’s a three-part anthology which invites comparison with the contemporary British Amicus releases such as Tales from the Crypt.

Story One, “Panic”: A vulnerable young woman (Ana Martín) with strong maternal tendencies is chased into the woods by another woman with strong “insane thug” tendencies by the looks of her. The theme and dreamlike treatment is strongly prescient of “Madeleine: Study of a Nightmare” – in fact I half suspect the Madeleine crew reused some of the footage. A good story, perhaps a touch overlong, but with a satisfying ending.

Story Two, “Solitude” (17:50): This has two “prospector” type men paddling through a swampland fleeing a plague of some kind. Unfortunately the storyline was too vague and rambling to sustain my interest.

Story Three, “Anguish” (55:25): A respectable doctor invents a new anaesthetic which mimics death. But like all these scientists who like to play God (cf. The Asphyx) he doesn’t think things through, and is careless with the potion to boot. An enjoyable if rather silly story, predictable, but that’s how it should be. Except for the ending, which no sane person will see coming!