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According to the MPAA, the Restircted, or “R” rating means that the rated film includes adult material not suitable for viewers under the age of 17. Even though these movies aren’t made for kids, that doesn’t stop the toy companies from making toys! Let’s check out a few of these toy lines today on Toysplosion!

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Music in today’s episode by Izioq


Xenephobia: http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/Aliens_(Kenner) & http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/Predator_(Kenner)

Comics Alliance: http://comicsalliance.com/operation-aliens-kenner-alien-toys/

Figure Realm: https://www.figurerealm.com/actionfigure?action=seriesitemlist&id=246

Super Toy Archive: http://www.toyarchive.com/PoliceAcademy.html

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