Rental Reviews Episode 100 – Crazy VHS Tape Cover Art

The video store was a wild place in the 90s, every movie was trying to get your attention. So, a lot of companies went down the path of making their films look as crazy as possible. In this Cinemassacre Rental Reviews the guys found some of their favorites. Also, spoiler alert, this is the LAST episode of Rental Reviews. (It’s also our 100th episode. Good spot to cap it off.) The guys are still working on the channel and their goal is to focus more on solid, scripted videos; from the reoccurring shows (like AVGN, YKWBS, and Retail Reviews) to new, one-off content like location tours, collections, and in-depth reviews. And if you’re still craving Rental Reviews, we’ll probably do some podcasts soon after we update the website. So, stay tuned… and thanks for watching these last two years!!!

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VHS Photos by Joe La Scola (from the Movie Dumpster Podcast)

Intro Graphics/Animation by Alexx Pym

Thanks to Mr. Lobo for playing Mr. Lobo

Closing narration by Klayton Fioriti

The Rise of Blockbuster Video – Post Mortar by Alex Nuelle

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