Retro Commercials Vol 351 (1984 – 4K)

The tape quality is a little rough in this episode, but some great mid-80’s content. Especially the McDonald’s breakfast ad…and the local Japanese hibachi ad! Tape comes from an ’84 off-air recording of the Joan Rivers show featuring the Go Go’s. Enjoy!

00:21 Kibbles ‘n Bits
00:51 Visine Eye Drops
01:21 Old El Paso taco sauce (this made me hungry…)
01:52 Japanese Kitchen Steak House – local ad
02:21 Conns sponsored ad
02:28 Joan Rivers Show – Go Go’s snippet, TV debut
02:43 Unison – Nighttime sleep aid
03:14 Oscar Mayer roasted hot dogs
03:43 McDonalds breakfast – always time for breakfast (some of my favorite ads are McDonald’s breakfast commercials from the 80’s)
04:12 Rudolph Chevrolet – local ad
04:43 Conns sponsor ad
04:53 For Love and Honor bumper
05:02 Late Night with David Letterman bumper
05:12 Crisco Oil
05:43 Denny’s – chicken fried steak plate for $2.99
06:13 Phillip’s 66
06:44 TV Channel 9 bumper
06:50 Go Go’s performance snippet
07:08 Stayfree Silhouettes maxi pads
07:38 o.b. tampons
08:09 Homestead House furniture – local ad
08:38 Head & Shoulders – new improved formula

TV Station: KTSM TV Channel 9, El Paso TX