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It’s Ape-ril at Cinemassacre Video. “All Ape Movies, All April Long!!” James and Justin sit down (in different stores) to review Schlock, John Landis’ first movie from 1973. In Schlock, a small town is terrorized by “The Banana Killer”, which turns out to be the missing link between man and ape. “Schlock” (the ape/big foot) is a prehistoric apeman who falls in love with a teenage blind beauty and terrorizes her Southern California suburb. Schlock is no ordinary simian as he possesses some very unusual skills. Among other things, he plays the piano and gives TV interviews. In this spoof of early monster movies and missing-link science fiction films, John Landis pays homage to the monster movies of the past with irreverent humor and wacky hijinks.

It’s “Ape-ril” all April at Cinemassacre Video!!!
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