Sega Commercials 1991-1993

A typical advertising from the 1990s Sega a game industry makes one get statement! All that the kids and teens to do to buy a Sega instead of an SNES Nintendo because it is too expensive (Sega propaganda) and the Sega supposedly has more power. But only with a extended packages called “Sega CD/Mega-CD” should be even better and even more fun! An “angry black guy” says this is good, or are you having problems! It is also to say the the “black one” says “that is so cool,” say to and because he says to buy even the kids…

My friends in the my teenage times have also said “I should buy it too!” and I say back something like “No, i’m staying my SNES and Sega Mega Drive!” and there was talking of which “Sega-CD is better than usual” and so on…

A fortune I not got something myself and Sega CD was a disaster because 1 to expensive and the games given even and 2nd period pretty much power away with two adapters. Gave later then I wanted to buy one of the Sega Saturn because a generation used to jump to 32-bit, but it gave the name “Sony PlayStation”. And because I’ve been saving since 1995 and end “or” the Christmas 1996 purchased plus 4 games. That was my best time of the year 1990-2001 where large difference gave graphics and the developments. And today is no longer as it was. A new ideas bring to only make most games almost exclusively for United people and ripping off can be like EA or that of CoD-rushing games for example (not more that anything else let me)! Slowly has the computer games soon no more meanings…


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