Small Details You Missed In The Candyman Reboot Trailer

The trailer for director Nia DaCosta’s Candyman, a “spiritual sequel” to the 1992 horror classic of the same name, has finally been released online, and it promises plenty of cerebral thrills of the kind that we’ve come to associate with producer and co-writer Jordan Peele – not to mention an inspired take on a story that sent chills down the spines of horror fans three decades ago. These are just a few things that may have slipped by you in that excellent new trailer.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II portrays Anthony McCoy, who moves into the neighborhood near Chicago’s Cabrini-Green housing projects, the area which was once terrorized by Daniel Robitaille – that’s the titular hook-wielding specter’s real name, by the way. These days, though, it looks a little different; the area has become near-completely gentrified, with most of the buildings comprising the old housing projects having been demolished. In their place are ritzy high-rises, houses, shops, and art museums – the latter of which may be what drew McCoy to the area.

McCoy, you see, is an artist, just like Robitaille himself; apparently, he’s a pretty talented one, as the trailer implies that it doesn’t take him long to score an exhibit in his new neighborhood. It looks like Candyman will see McCoy becoming just a wee bit obsessed with Robitaille’s legend, which is the focus of the exhibit. Hell, it even includes an arrangement of mirrors.

The spot reveals that McCoy begins to identify with Robitaille just a bit too closely, and their shared profession raises the question of how else they might be connected. Is McCoy a descendant of Candyman? Or even the reincarnation of the doomed artist? In the original film, it was heavily implied that Helen may have been Caroline Sullivan, Robitaille’s lover, reincarnated. It’s not clear what the connection is – but it seems certain that there is one.

The fact of Cabrini-Green’s gentrification is a fascinating aspect of this new Candyman’s plot, and one which producer and co-writer Jordan Peele is sure to mine for a truckload of thematic resonance. Interestingly, though, the trailer makes it plain that while the area has undergone quite the “revitalization,” its past isn’t completely buried; fragments of it remain, such as the old, boarded up buildings where McCoy first encounters William Burke – played by Colman Domingo – who appears to be a long-time resident. Keep watching the video to see all the small details you missed in the Candyman reboot trailer!

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